Hypnobirthing in a Hurry:

90 minute Bespoke Birth Preparation Coaching

Our bespoke birth planning coaching calls ensure that the obstacles such as a lack of time, or more recently, the Covid-19 pandemic do not stop you from preparing for and experiencing a positive birth.


If you find yourself unable to take a hypnobirthing / antenatal course due to the restraints around Covid-19, or if perhaps you have left it a little late, a bespoke coaching session will come to your rescue, ensuring you are feeling prepared, calm, confident and excited for the birth of your baby.  

By the end of your coaching call (via Zoom or phone) you will have received:

  • Knowledge of how to use the techniques and tools used in hypnobirthing, including effective relaxation, breathing, and mindset techniques. These tools will transform how you feel in the run up to and during your baby's birth! 

  • Download links for the Birth Bubble Hypnobirthing Guided Relaxation MP3 tracks 

  • A Birth Preferences Template and help in writing your Preferences for your baby's birth

  • How to use Positive Affirmations for birth

  • A follow up email with additional resources, a summary of the call and follow up correspondence until your baby has been born via email 

Hypnobirthing in a Hurry calls are available weekdays on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

To book, or find out more, please email Elise@birthbubble.co

I can't wait to support you at this very important time in your life.


You can do it!  

Hypnobirthing: The Essentials Workshop​

Perhaps this is a subsequent birth and you would like a refresh, ensuring you go into this next birth experience feeling really ready? 

Or perhaps you are tight on time so taking the full course is looking a little tricky.  

If so, then the Birth Bubble Hypnobirthing Essentials Workshop is the one for you! (I have taught women as late as 39 weeks and hypnobirthing still really helps. It really is never "too" late to arm yourself with practical tools for the big day!)

The Hypnobirthing: The Essentials Workshop covers the essentials of hypnobirthing. This workshop can be taken in person (1 x 3 hour session), or via Zoom as 2 x 90 minute sessions. 

You will learn:

  • the 3 hypnobirthing breathing & visualisation techniques 

  • how to access and practice deep relaxation

  • how your birth partner can support you, every step of the way

  • all about what to expect for the different stages of labour

  • how to work with your hormones and the physiology of labour and birth

What's included:

  • The Birth Bubble Course Companion (physical copy)

  • 5 x Hypnobirthing MP3s

Please note this is not a full hypnobirthing course.

Please get in touch to enquire about dates and availability by emailing: elise@birthbubble.co

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