Online Group Hypnobirthing Courses

This is an online, 8 hour group hypnobirthing course, taught over 4 x 2 hour live sessions via Zoom.

If you are looking for a Private Online Course, please click here.

The Birth Bubble hypnobirthing course will equip you and your Birth Partner with all of the knowledge about what will be happening in both your body and your mind during labour.

Once you have this understanding, you will learn lots of effective techniques, all of which are grounded in logic and science, which enable you to work with your body on the big day.

You will receive continuous support from Elise, an experienced hypnobirthing coach and doula, via phone and/or email from when you book your course until your baby has been born.

If you are ready to feel totally ready, supported, excited, calm and confident to have a positive birth experience, this is the birth preparation course for you!

Here is what you will get...

What's Included...

  • Full Hypnobirthing Antenatal Course taught over 4 x 2 hour live Zoom calls

  • Course taught by an experienced hypnobirthing coach, antenatal teacher and doula, Elise Tobias

  • The Birth Bubble Hypnobirthing Course Workbook

  • A Pregnancy Relaxation Goody Bag incl. a bespoke essential oil blend for your birth bag

  • 5 x Hypnobirthing Audio MP3 Tracks (these include; Daily Relaxation, Daily Affirmations, Birth Rehearsal, Labour Companion & Guided Breathing MP3s)

  • Additional digital resources, downloads, templates and support writing your Birth Preferences (aka Birth Plan)

  • My support via phone/email in the lead up to your baby's arrival

  • 1 x 60 minute Hypnobirthing Refresher Session for when you are 36+ weeks pregnant which will ensure you are feeling really ready and relaxed in those final weeks of pregnancy​

  • 1 x FREE 60' BONUS SESSION (a 1:1 Zoom call with Elise to cover your Birth Plan / Preferences and your individual questions/concerns)

What will we learn?

  • Introduction to Hypnobirthing 

  • The Language of Birth 

  • How the Uterus works in Labour and the Mechanics of Birth

  • Understanding the role of Adrenaline 

  • Where Fear of Labour and Birth comes from and How to Release it 

  • The Power of Positive Affirmations and How to Use them 

  • The Birth Hormones (Oxytocin & Endorphins) and How to Produce them in bucketloads!

  • Active Birth Positions: the Power of Movement

  • Guided Relaxations (which you will use in the rest of your Pregnancy & during Labour) 

  • Breathing Techniques to use during Pregnancy, Early Labour and Established Labour

  • Massage Techniques and Comfort Measures for Labour

  • Creating a fabulous Birth Environment

  • What you really need in your Birth Bag!

  • The Important Role of the Birth Partner - covering everything your birth partner can do to support you, at every step of the way

  • Writing your Birth Preferences (aka Birth Plan)

  • Making Informed Decisions

  • Choosing your Caregivers

  • Due Dates and Induction

  • The Onset of Labour: What to Expect and How to Work with Your Body in Labour

  • Established Labour and Transition

  • The "Pushing" or Second Stage of labour: What's Happening and How to Best Work with your body 

  • Breathing Technique for the "pushing" stage

  • How to Navigate any Unexpected Turns

  • The Postnatal Period (the Golden Hour after Baby is Born, Establishing Breastfeeding, Settling back at Home)

  • Relaxation for Increased Confidence

Online Group Courses also includes a FREE private 60 minute BONUS Session with Elise where we will cover your Birth Options and Preferences, and where I can answer any of your individualised concerns or questions. The aim of giving everyone a free private session is so that your feel truly supported, positive and ready for birth, even during the Coronavirus pandemic. 


Your sofa! All you need is a good internet connection and a phone / web camera. You can connect via your phone, iPad, laptop or PC.



£275 per couple, inclusive of all teaching, materials and support as listed above. 

Please contact if you would like access to a special discount code, which is available to those who need it

during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Payment is taken upon booking and you will then receive a confirmation email and a download link for your audio MP3s to begin listening to.