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Private Hypnobirthing Courses

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During the continuing Covid-19 pandemic, this 1-2-1 hypnobirthing package is available via remote no need to leave your sofa as we will work together online (via both live and pre-recorded sessions) to fully prepare you for a positive birth experience. 

This 1-2-1 Hypnobirthing

Support Package Includes:

1. Three x Private (1-2-1) Birth Preparation Sessions with Elise

  • 3 x 60 minute sessions, via Zoom with Hypnobirthing Coach & Doula, Elise Tobias. 

  • Email follow up from each session and tailored guidance on how to prepare for your baby's birth

  • Support via email & or phone right up until you have your baby

  • Private Zoom Sessions are available at times convenient to you and your birth partner

  • If you book this private support package, we will confirm the times and dates for your sessions via email

2. Full Access to the Birth Bubble ONLINE MASTERCLASS SERIES, Birth Prep: Sorted


In these 3 x 90 MINUTE MASTERCLASSES you will learn:


  • How to overcome fears and anxiety about giving birth

  • How to master and use proven relaxation and hypnobirthing techniques which guarantee you to feel calm and relaxed during your pregnancy and labour

  • Tons of knowledge about how the birth process works, what happens during labour, and how to give your body the best chance of having a straightforward birth (having all this knowledge hugely helps to reduce fear!)

  • How your birth partner can support you with practical tools and techniques, during each stage of labour


You will also be invited to join the live Birth Prep: Sorted webinars (Group sessions via Zoom)


3. Full Access to our Members Area and the RESOURCES HUB which is loaded with all the materials you will need including:


  • Your Course Workbook (as a Private Course client, you will also receive a hard copy via post) 

  • Your 5 x MP3 hypnobirthing audio tracks

  • Checklists, templates and additional handouts (including our Ultimate Guide to Packing your Birth Bags and How to Write your Birth Preferences)

  • Pregnancy Relaxation Goody Bag (via post) 


Total cost for this Private support package (3 x private sessions, email/phone support + full access to Birth Prep Sorted) is £395

To book this package, you can fill out the contact form here to let us know your ideal week, day(s) and time(s) and we will do our best to meet your needs. 

You can also book via the button below​:


Additional FAQs

How does this package work? 

We recommend that you watch the first Masterclass video, and then follow this up with a live zoom session (so you will therefore have a coaching session with Elise following each Masterclass to consolidate and deepen your knowledge and birth preparation).  However if you prefer to watch all the Masterclasses, and then schedule your 3 x live sessions, that is also absolutely fine. 

What topics are covered?​

If there are specific topics you would like to cover with Elise having watched the Masterclass videos, this can of course be arranged for you! Here is a summary of the topics included: ​

  • Understanding what Hypnobirthing is & how it works 

  • The Importance of the Language of Birth 

  • How the Uterus works in Labour & the Mechanics of Birth

  • Understanding the role of Adrenaline 

  • Where Fear of Labour & Birth comes from & How to Release it 

  • The Power of Positive Affirmations & How to Use them 

  • The Birth Hormones (Oxytocin & Endorphins) & How to Produce them in bucketloads!

  • Active Birth Positions: the Power of Movement

  • Guided Relaxations (which you will use in the rest of your Pregnancy & during Labour) 

  • Breathing Techniques to use during Pregnancy, Early Labour & Established Labour

  • Massage Techniques & Comfort Measures for Labour

  • How to create a fabulous Birth Environment

  • What you really need in your Birth Bag! 

  • The Important Role of the Birth Partner - covering everything your birth partner can do to support you, at every step of the way

  • Writing your Birth Preferences (aka Birth Plan)

  • Making Informed Decisions

  • Choosing your Caregivers

  • The Onset of Labour: What to Expect & How to Work with Your Body in Labour

  • Established Labour & Transition

  • The "Pushing" or Second Stage of labour: What's Happening & How to Best Work with your body 

  • Breathing Technique for the "pushing" stage
  • How to Navigate any Unexpected Turns

  • Your Daily Practice Schedule 

What's Included in this Private Package?

  • Full Hypnobirthing Course (as detailed above)

  • The Birth Bubble Course Workbook & all handouts

  • A download links for 5 x Hypnobirthing Audio MP3 Tracks (which you receive upon booking)

  • Access to group Birth Coaching sessions (via Zoom) as your due time approaches

  • My support via email whenever you would like it

Course Venue?

  • Your sofa! You can be located anywhere in the world - all you need is internet connection and a computer to wathc the Masterclasses and log in for your live Zoom coaching sessions! 

What's the Investment?

  • This Hypnobirthing & Birth Preparation Private Course costs £395

  • Payment is taken at time of booking

  • Upon payment you'll receive your MP3s so you can begin listening to the relaxations right away. Your Course Pack will be posted to you before your scheduled Live Zoom sessions.