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Masterclass Series

Are you struggling to know how to effectively prepare for your baby’s birth?


Perhaps you are feeling pretty terrified about the prospect of labour and birth?

Or maybe you don't really understand how labour and birth works and what to expect?

If, like so many of us, you are feeling overwhelmed about how you'll ever feel fully ready for this momentous day, then I feel you - and the good news is you have come to the right place! 

Our online masterclass series, BIRTH PREP: SORTED will take you from feeling unprepared and scared, to ready to roll, fully prepared and excited (yes really!) for your labour and birth experience. 

Scroll down to find out more about how this course will give you everything you need to know to have your birth preparation totally SORTED!

Here is what you will learn on your

3 x 90 minute online masterclasses:

How to overcome any fear, anxiety or worry you have about giving birth 


How to master and use proven relaxation and hypnobirthing techniques which guarantee you to feel calm and relaxed during your pregnancy and labour


Tons of knowledge about how the birth process works, what happens during labour, and how to give your body the best chance of having a straightforward birth


How your birth partner can support you with practical tools and techniques, during each stage of labour


How to navigate “what ifs” or unexpected turns (whilst still feeling calm and in control)

PLUS you'll also get:

Access to our RESOURCES HUB which is loaded with all the materials you will need including;

A mega detailed Course WORKBOOK (this will be the only reading you need to feel totally birth ready!)

THE BIRTH PARTNER'S GUIDE - a 5 page comprehensive guide to being the most amazing birth partner, loaded with tips on how to support you at each stage of your labour 

5 X AUDIO DOWNLOADS with hypnobirthing relaxations, audio guides for practicing your breathing techniques, and audio tracks that will accompany you during labour too

CHECKLISTS, TEMPLATES & HANDOUTS (including our Ultimate Guide to Packing your Birth Bags and How to Write your Birth Preferences) you can use to ensure that your birth experience is an enjoyable, calm and positive one!  

ACCESS TO LIVE ZOOM GROUP SESSIONS with Elise where we will delve deeper into hypnobirthing, birth preparation, guided relaxations and much, much more! 

This is your

for just £99

(limited time offer - normally £149)

Recent Reviews


Prior to starting the course, I was unsure if it was right for me. I have a good understanding of Biology from the work that I do and I didn't know if it would be going over things I already knew. Elise opened my eyes to a wealth of knowledge and tools that I never had before. My understanding of how psychology and emotions work in labour has completely changed. Knowing all of this now makes me feel a lot more prepared for the birth of our baby and I feel stronger in myself for it - dare I say it, I'm even looking forward to it! I think every woman should know this before giving birth and highly recommend Elise as a teacher.


Elise has prepared us for birth when we had no idea what to do or expect. She has brought us into the world of hypnobirthing and all its wonders, with ease and clarity. The knowledge we have gained is going to enable me and baby to have a positive birth and it gives my birthing partner a really strong role to make our environment and experience really special - as a team. We are now so excited and ready for the birth, the course was packed full of such helpful guides, tricks and tips. 




I was one of the typical 'petrified' about childbirth people - fearful of pain, screaming and how long it might last.

I signed up for Elise's hypnobirthing class with my husband, open-minded, and thinking it couldn't make me any more scared, so it was worth a shot.

After just the first class, I came away feeling more at ease. Elise totally reframed childbirth for me and explained the logic and science behind the process which completely transformed my mindset from one of fear to one of intrigue and 'bring it on'! Unbelievable, I know!

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