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About Me

Hello! I’m Elise, Founder of Birth Bubble, hypnobirthing coach to hundreds of parents (including several high profile and celebrity mums), and I am also a Doula and Mum to Millie and Max. 

My mission is simple: to bring you the most modern, practical and enjoyable birth preparation course you will find. I want all the parents I work with to complete the Birth Bubble course feeling really informed, confident, supported and READY for the big day! 

I have Royal College of Midwives accredited hypnobirthing training, years of teaching experience and I am also a Birth and Postnatal Doula, offering these services exclusively to hypnobirthing parents!

Prior to setting up Birth Bubble, I worked for over a decade in International TV, selling and consulting on the distribution of TV programmes around the world. This was all before hypnobirthing, and my birth experience with my little girl, Millie, totally changed my life. 

So why hypnobirthing? Well I experienced the transformational effects of this way of preparing for birth when I was pregnant in 2017. I went from being terrified of birth to feeling really excited for it, and my birth experience was the most incredible, powerful and empowering thing I have ever done. (You can read about that here!


Realising my birth experience was so different compared with most of my friends and the women I would meet, I felt compelled to create and share a modern, practical and informative hypnobirthing course - one that would speak to modern mums who, like me, were looking for useful birth prep and education, and a course that makes this learning enjoyable, too! 

I have always loved helping people and connecting with people who share the same goals, but who come from a variety of backgrounds. 

Birth Bubble | Hypnobirthing | North London

My career as a TV consultant means my teaching style is no-nonsense, relaxed and interactive.


As humans, we learn best through doing and practice, so the Birth Bubble course is really interactive and practical. There is nothing hippie in this course either. Every single technique I teach is backed up by science, and will take you just 10 minutes of practice daily!

I am a qualified with Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing (the only hypnobirthing training course to be accredited by the Royal College of Midwives) and a member of The Hypnobirthing Association. I have also completed further hypnobirthing teacher training with The Yes Mum Birth Project. In 2019 I also completed by Birth and Postnatal Doula Training with the Birth Bliss Academy and have the honour of supporting some of the parents I work with at their births too. To find out more about what a doula does, please head to the doula tab! 

I have used all of my training, education and skills to create a super modern, accessible and fully comprehensive hypnobirthing course, which other modern mamas and birth partners are enjoying and seeing such great results! 

I’m a North London girl through and through. I love to keep it local and this is why I’ve created a course for like-minded parents who are looking for a practical course to provide them with the techniques, education and support they need to go into birth feeling 100% calm, relaxed and super confident for the adventure ahead!


If you'd like to find out more or talk about ways to work together then please do get in touch!

My Qualifications

Hypnobirthing Practicioner (DipHB.KGH) - RCM Accredited Training

Yes Mum Birth Project - Further Hypnobirthing Teacher Training  |

Biomechanics for Birth with Molly O'Brien 2019 and 2020 |

Birth Bliss Academy - Qualified Birth & Postnatal Doula 2019 |

Human Rights In Childbirth 2021 |

Aromatherapy & Massage for Childbirth 2022

I also attend the annual conferences of Make Birth Better & partake in monthly CPD workshops to ensure I am continually developing my knowledge & keeping all my services up to date and fully evidence-based. 

Birth Bubble | Hypnobirthing | North London

This course is the most amazing combination of useful information about birth and practical techniques. I loved that the course felt very personalised, even in a group setting. Lots of information is given but in a very structured way, and the course setting is so relaxed which enables everyone to ask questions at any time, and which Elise addressed extremely well. I now feel excited about birth - I am genuinely not worried about it at all!


I feel I have all the knowledge I could possibly need before giving birth which will enable me to have a positive experience, no matter what happens.  

Sasha - First time Mum

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