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The Full Birth Preparation Package

The Full & Ultimate Birth Preparation Package:

My role as a birth educator and doula is to help you feel as ready on every level (mentally, emotionally, practically and physiologically) as possible for the life changing day you will give birth.


My Full Birth Preparation Package gives you the best of all my antenatal preparation services - combined into one complete package ensuring you feel fully prepared, supported and ready.


With this package, in addition to a full private hypnobirthing course and birth coaching calls at the end of your pregnancy, you will also have me "in your pocket" via WhatsApp, providing you with continuous, dedicated and individualised support as and when you would like it in your pregnancy and in preparation for birth.


I'm not here to provide medical advice however I always work alongside and in collaboration with your midwives / obstetrician. My role is to help you with all aspects of your prep for birth; importantly, your "inner prep" where we will work through your fears, nerves, worries and any previous life/birth experiences which might influence how you feel in the run up and during your birth. 


From time of booking you receive continuity of care on an emotional, practical and informational level in your pregnancy. 


Whilst we cannot control birth, we can certainly optimise your preparation and your physiology to give you the best liklihood of it being a smooth, safe experience for you and your baby.

Working closely with Elise, the resident doula at The Portland, with this package of both birth education and support you will enjoy: 

  • A Private Hypnobirthing and Birth Prep Course at The Portland (6 Hours Teaching Time - in person & zoom options available). This course is a full birth preparation programme and access to all materials is included. You are very likely to finish this element feeling knowledgeable and excited for birth! 


  • In addition, you will receive Elise's Doula in Your Pocket Service. With this, Elise provides you with continuous practical and emotional support via WhatsApp from time of booking, until your baby has arrived. Being "in my pocket" gives you my dedicated time, patience and support to work through any nerves, the labour process, your preferences alongside receiving nutrition and movement suggestions too in order to optimise physiology.

  • With this package only, you also have the exclusive option to request for Elise's in-person doula attendance during baby's birth as an optional add-on. 


  • In your final month of pregnancy, you will have weekly check-ins with Elise through your  4 x weekly 60 minute birth coaching calls via Zoom - to ensure that as your due time approaches, everything is feeling fresh and that you have all of the dedicated, individualised care you need to feel fully ready for your baby's birth. We will cover everything from ensuring your mindset is in a great place, to making sure your Birth Preferences document is ready, to understanding your hormones, how your birth partner can support you right through to recapping your breathing techniques and hypnobirthing tools. These sessions are completely tailored and individualised to you to ensure you feeling safe, supported and ready as your due time approaches.  

This package guarantees you the absolute best in birth preparation and support. 

Suitable for a first or subsequent pregnancy, and for both "high" or "low" risk pregnancies.

Fee: £2,250 (payable in 2 or 3 instalments, per your preference)

Please book an intro call below if you are interested in this service so I can hear more about your wishes and hopes for your pregnancy. I will also share more about the service in this call, answer any questions and ensure we are a great "fit" for each other, which is key important in any doula-based relationship.

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