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The Birth Bubble mission?

For you to have your birth preparation sorted (and totally nailed!) so that your baby's birth is a positive birth experience, no matter how s/he enters the world.

If you like the idea of feeling fully prepared for your baby's birth, knowing you are armed with the techniques, knowledge and support you need to feel relaxed, confident and even EXCITED for labour, then you've come to the right place, and it would be a such a pleasure to work with you at this exciting time. 

We offer a range of courses; from online courses (both live and pre-recorded), to

in-person private courses, group courses and birth coaching sessions - so you should be able to find the perfect Birth Bubble course to suit you and your partner.   






Birth Prep: Sorted is our online masterclass series which is a full hypnobirthing and birth preparation course. This self-paced online masterclass series will give you everything you need to feel full ready for your baby's birth. But what makes this online course different is that all participants also get access to a LIVE Zoom session with me, so that as the end of your pregnancy nears, you are feeling fully prepared and ready to go. This course guarantees to have you and your partner feeling confident and ready for birth - and I would love to support you on your journey too!

Click here to find out more and get your birth prep sorted today! 

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Masterclass Series

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Whatever stage of pregnancy you are at, our courses will help you to...


you need for a calm and comfortable labour

  • Explore your fears and expectations for birth, whilst coming away with practical tools and techniques to use when labour begins, incl.;

    • Breathing techniques for all stages of labour

    • Relaxation techniques to keep you calm during pregnancy and birth

    • Powerful mindset techniques to subtly change your mind's expectation of birth

    • Massage techniques ​to boost endorphins (your body's natural pain relief!) 

    • Optimal positioning for labour and birth​

    • Knowing what questions to ask and how to be confident you are making the best decision for you and your baby

    • A Birth Partner's Guide - a detailed 5 page guide of what you birth partner can be doing to support you, at each and every step of the way! 

LEARN in whichever setting is best for YOU and your Partner

  • Our Online Masterclass Series Birth Prep: Sorted will have you covered if you prefer to learn in your own time, at your own pace, and in the comfort of your own home.

  • We also offer intimate live online and in-person Group Courses  (5 couples max), ensuring you have the time and space to ask all the questions you like, whilst also introducing you to other like-minded parents with similar due dates.

  • If a Private Course will suit you best, then no need to leave your sofa as Elise will bring the course to you on convenient times and dates. 

RECEIVE SUPPORT right until your baby is born

  • For those on in person / live courses, Elise is available via phone, email or whatsapp to support you right up until your baby has been born.

  • Birth Prep: Sorted Members also get access to monthly live Zoom sessions (in addition to the online course and materials), plus email support whenever required. 

  • Because worries and concerns can often resurface at the end of the pregnancy, all mums I work with are invited to join my monthly Hypnobirthing Refresher Session. This is a 60 minute session for Birth Bubble mums who are entering their final weeks of pregnancy (36+ weeks). This session provides you with an opportunity to go over some of the key techniques, recapping the stages of labour and you will also enjoy a guided relaxation to feel calm and release any worries. You will approach your labour feeling super calm, confident, excited and ready!

FEEL PREPARED, CALM, POSITIVE & yes I'll say it, even EXCITED for labour!

  • You will complete our courses with a full understanding of what is happening in your body and mind during labour, and will know what you can do on a practical level to work with your body

  • You'll feel confident that:

    • you know exactly what to do to get into a calm, relaxed state for birth

    • your birth partner knows how to support you, through every stage of your pregnancy and birth 

    • you both know what questions to ask

    • you have a Plan A, B and C! 

    • you have all the tools you need to labour like a champ, however your birth unfolds

ENJOY the most MODERN hypnobirthing syllabus out there! 

  • There are no impractical or outdated methods - everything in this course is 100% modern, practical and relevant for prospective parents. 

  • This course totally takes the "hippie" out of hypnobirthing: the syllabus and techniques you will learn are based purely on the science of how the mind and body work. This syllabus is a full birth preparation course and has been successful for hundreds of parents. 

  • All the tools you will go away and practice never take more than 10 minutes of your time - this course is perfect for modern, busy parents!

RECEIVE lots of additional goodness in the form of...

  • The mega detailed Birth Bubble Course Companion​ - if reading is not your thing, this workbook has everything you need to know plus all your birth prep exercises within it! 

  • Practice Schedule for Hypnobirthing to take away any sense of overwhelm! 

  • Additional handouts, templates and resources

  • 5 x Birth Bubble MP3 hypnobirthing tracks (you will receive 2 of these upon booking to start enjoying ahead of your course) 

Those joining our live courses also receive:​

  • Hard copies of all materials

  • A goody bag including an Essential Oil rollerball blend for your birth bag and additional pregnancy relaxation goodies!

  • Refreshments and snacks (Group Courses) - including freshly baked cakes!

  • Whatsapp Group with other couples 

"Whenever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your sp​irit for the rest of your life."

Ina May Gaskin

If you're here and you're a first-time mum, perhaps you're signed up to an antenatal class - an NCT course or similar.  Your friends have most likely told you that you won’t actually learn much on the antenatal course. But, that that’s ok, because you only really signed up to make some new mum friends. And anyway, everyone tells you that you can’t really prepare for birth anyway….  



Deep down, you probably know that you can prepare really effectively for birth, and maybe that is why you are here. Then someone mentions hypnobirthing - it sounds a bit "woo", but you hear good things so here you are doing your research into courses. 

Or perhaps you’re here because things didn’t go so well last time, and you would like to prepare yourself with the techniques, mindset work, skills and support you need to a better experience of birth this time around?


If any of the above ring true, then I am so pleased you are here...as that niggle that you are feeling that you can prepare for your baby’s birth, is absolutely right! 

The very best way to experience a good, positive or even, to quote one a recent client, a “DREAM” labour and birth experience, is to get yourself PREPARED

The Birth Bubble Hypnobirthing & Birth Preparation Courses have been created to be super EFFECTIVE and extremely PRACTICAL in order for you to feel 100% READY for the day you'll meet your baby.


Don't just take my word for it, you can check out positive feedback from other parents over here

No matter how your baby is born, the type of birth you want, or whether this is your first baby or you are a seasoned pro, the one thing you all deserve is to have the tools, skills, support and knowledge you need to have a POSITIVE BIRTH EXPERIENCE.

So before we go any further, you might be wondering...what actually is hypnobirthing


Hypnobirthing is a logical, practical &

modern birth education programme, which is based on the science of how the mind and body work when a woman is in labour

The aim of hypnobirthing is to equip you with practical tools, knowledge and support so that you can work with your birthing body on the big day.


When giving birth, our bodies work best when we are feeling relaxed. On this course, you will therefore learn how to use effective hypnotherapy, relaxation and mindset techniques, helping you to let go of any fears you may have around birth, and replace them with confidence and trust in your body.

In addition to the proven hypnotherapy techniques you will learn to use, the course also gives you all of the evidence-based education about birth and the maternity system, so that you approach your baby's birth feeling prepared, calm and confident. 

The thing that I just LOVE about hypnobirthing is that it makes a difference to ALL kinds of birth; you don't have to have or want a water birth for hypnobirthing to be effective...the syllabus prepares you and your birth partner to have a positive experience if you go on to have a vaginal birth, a water birth, an induced birth, a C-Section or an instrumental delivery. The point of hypnobirthing is for you to have a positive experience, however your baby is born

​The USPs of Birth Bubble Courses is that they are always... 



You will complete this course feeling truly READY for labour! To ensure this happens, I equip you with a “toolbox” of practical techniques to use in your pregnancy and for birth. You will feel confident in how and when to use the techniques, and how and when to practice. 



You will leave feeling like a bit of a birth expert, because my courses have been designed to give you so much education and useful birth knowledge about how the body works, how the mind works, how the maternity system works, how to navigate it, how to get the best care, how to make the best decisions… the list goes on! Be prepared to feel like a total pro! Everything is explained in a really clear and easy to digest way.


My style and teaching methods are modern and accessible. I myself had my first baby only a few years ago, so I know what you are going through and my hope is that you will feel we are on the same wavelength. I am continuously reading the latest research, attending birth worker CPD days and courses and updating my knowledge to ensure I teach you the most evidence-based, useful and modern syllabus. As a mum, hypnobirthing teacher and doula, I am continuously gathering information in my drive to support as many couples as possible to have positive experiences of labour and birth.

I also believe it is time to really update birth preparation to always be USEFUL, ENJOYABLE whilst being really EFFECTIVE!

To see a breakdown of all the topics covered on the course, you can click here

So, if you are ready to: 

  • Know exactly how to prepare for birth with a clear plan for practicing your tools and techniques

  • Feel calm your mind and relaxed your body during pregnancy and labour

  • Feel confident and actually excited to give birth and meet your baby

...then this course is definitely for you!


Please get in touch or click below to book your course or join our self-paced Online Masterclass Series, Birth Prep: Sorted today!

What is Hypnobirthing?

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