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The Birth Bubble Mission

For you to have your birth preparation sorted (and totally nailed!) so that your baby's birth is a positive birth experience, no matter how they enter the world. If you like the idea of feeling fully prepared for your baby's birth, knowing you are armed with the techniques, knowledge and support you need to feel relaxed, confident and even EXCITED for labour, then you've come to the right place, and it would be a such a pleasure to work with you at this exciting time. 

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Hello, I'm Elise

Founder of Birth Bubble where I am on a mission to bring you the most modern, practical and enjoyable birth preparation course you will find! I have Royal College of Midwives accredited hypnobirthing training, years of teaching experience and I am also a Doula, offering these services exclusively to Birth Bubble Course attendees.

Prior to setting up Birth Bubble, I worked for over a decade in International TV, selling and consulting on the distribution of TV programmes around the world. This was all before hypnobirthing - and my birth experience with my first baby - totally changed my life! 

At Birth Bubble we offer a range courses to suit the different needs of the parents we work with. Our courses are are accessible from where ever in the world you are based, so if the Birth Bubble course and our ethos feels right for you, please do sign up to one of our courses. 

Birth Bubble courses are available online (via Zoom) and in person, or if you prefer to learn in your own time, you can join our online course. We hope you are able to find the perfect Birth Bubble course to suit you and your partner.  


Online Hypnobirthing Masterclass Course

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Birth Prep: Sorted is our online, self-paced course which gives you access to Birth Bubble's signature and much-loved hypnobirthing course for just £99.

This course is jam packed with all the information and techniques you need to feel prepared for a comfortable, calm and positive birth. 

But what makes this online course different? You also get access to join Elise LIVE on Zoom when you are in your final month of pregnancy, giving you the best of both worlds - a course that you an complete when suits you, all our birth preparation resources plus the LIVE support from our Hypnobirthing Coach, Doula and Birth Prep expert, Elise. 

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In Person Services

Group Hypnobirthing


Our consistently 5-star rated signature Group Course is run in small groups of up to 5 couples. This course is a full hypnobirthing birth preparation course.

Modern, informative, practical and enjoyable, you and your birth partner will leave feeling totally ready for the big day.


Group courses run monthly, both online via Zoom, and in person.

Private Hypnobirthing


Looking for a 1:1 course? We can support you and your partner on your journey with our full hypnobirthing course or via our bespoke shorter courses, for those in more of a hurry or looking for a refresher course in a subsequent pregnancy 

Birth Doula

A Doula is a professional birth partner and this service is reserved exclusively for Birth Bubble clients. Please click below to find out why having a Doula at your birth is so beneficial (as shown in countless studies!) and how the Birth Bubble Doula Packages work


Our courses all help you to...

LEARN all the

PRACTICAL TECHNIQUES you need for a calm and comfortable labour

FEEL PREPARED, CALM, POSITIVE & yes I'll say it, even EXCITED for labour!

LEARN in a setting which is most preferable for YOU and your Partner

ENJOY the most MODERN hypnobirthing syllabus out there! 

RECEIVE SUPPORT from an experienced birth coach and doula

RECEIVE lots of additional

Birth Bubble goodies

What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a logical, practical & modern birth education programme, which is based on the science of how the mind and body work when a woman is in labour

The aim of hypnobirthing is to equip you with practical tools, knowledge and support so that you can work with your birthing body on the big day.


When giving birth, our bodies work best when we are feeling relaxed. On this course, you will therefore learn how to use effective hypnotherapy, relaxation and mindset techniques, helping you to let go of any fears you may have around birth, and replace them with confidence and trust in your body.

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Why is preparing for birth so important?

Because whenever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, for the rest of your life. And a "positive birth" is not down to luck It is down to good preparation, education and excellent care.

I am passionate about making hypnobirthing the standard antenatal education that all parents have access to, because in this age of information, everyone deserves access to the knowledge, effective techniques and support that can empower them to have positive experience of birth. 

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For in person courses, Elise covers; North and Central London including; Barnet, Hertfordshire, Haringey, Enfield, Herts, Camden, Islington, Brent

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Birth Bubble | Hypnobirthing | North London

"Elise is the Wonder Woman who prepared me for labour. Elise gave me some amazing techniques and tools to make Raine's birth such a positive experience. She gave me ideas on how to create a calm, relaxed environment during delivery & I fully credit Elise and her techniques for why I had such a positive birth experience & why Raine is so chilled as a baby!"

 Lauren Pope - First Time Mum,
TV Personality & Model

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