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What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a modern and logical form of antenatal preparation and education. The "hypno" part of the word comes from hypnotherapy which is a talking therapy and which you might have heard people using to combat fears or phobias, or to quit smoking, for example. Hypnotherapy is very helpful in removing negatives and resetting our mindset. Seeing as we are bombarded by so many negative images and information about birth in the Western world, reframing birth before it begins is crucial to removing fear - which is the key to having a more comfortable and calm labour. Hypnobirthing courses are logical, practical and evidence based. You'll learn exactly how the body & mind work in labour, and will leave with a “toolbox” of techniques to practice during pregnancy, so that you'll be in control, prepared and ready for a calm, informed and positive labour and birth. ​ Most importantly, you'll learn how to apply all of these techniques to any kind of birth; from Hospital or Birth Centre vaginal births, to home births, induced labours, water births, or a planned/unplanned C-sections. Hypnobirthing also informs and educates you about all the different options available, so you are armed with evidence-based statistics, and the knowledge you always have choices.

Is hypnobirthing for me?

Put simply, if you are growing a baby then yes, hypnobirthing is for you. It doesn't matter how your baby is going to make an appearance, or when or with what help. It doesn't matter if you're planning an induction in hospital or a water birth in your Midwife-Led Unit or a C Section. What matters is that you are fully informed and feeling confident, armed with practical tools to help you remain calm and relaxed throughout and empowered to make the right decisions for you and your baby. Your birth story has a big impact on you and your baby - it's a story you will always talk about and that will matter for the rest of your life. Hypnobirthing will help as when you reflect on your birth, you'll remember it as an incredible and empowering experience, rather than a traumatic one. There is no scenario where what you have learnt won't help you.

What are the benefits of hypnobirthing?

Reduces fear and anxiety around childbirth (which has a direct effect on your experience) Understanding how your body works during labour which will ensure you work with your body, rather than against it Feeling prepared and confident to trust your body to give birth Releasing fear during pregnancy means that your mind and body work in harmony. As a result, you are likely to experience a more comfortable, manageable birth resulting in less pain and a lower chance of intervention. You'll feel calm, confident and prepared for labour to begin (and many Mums also feel excited after the course too!) Hypnobirthing really involves your birth partner - your birth partner will learn how to support you, maintain your positive birthing environment and have an active role in the birth. As a couple you'll work as a team during labour rather than mum feeling alone and her partner feeling helpless. You'll have the confidence to make informed decisions and navigate your labour and birth experience calmly, even if it may take an unexpected turn. You will have knowledge about interventions that may be offered and how to make informed decisions about these. You will have knowledge about all your birth rights and choices.

When is the best time to take a course?

All courses are suitable from any time in your pregnancy. Most women attend after 20 weeks. If you are booking a group course, I advise booking for when you are in or nearing your third trimester. Most couples I teach are between 20-34 weeks pregnant when they start a Group course. By booking early you can enjoy the benefits of a positive mindset during pregnancy as well as at the birth of your baby, and importantly have plenty of time to practice. Hypnobirthing is not something you 'switch on' during labour - all the work is done during pregnancy! You receive all your hypnobirthing MP3s upon booking, so you can get acquainted before your course begins. If you are more than 36 weeks pregnant or don’t have time to attend the full course, I offer a Private Hypnobirthing Essentials class or bespoke Birth Preparation coaching calls

Where are courses held?

Via Zoom & In Person! In Person Group classes are held in my home in Whetstone (N20). I have a quiet, private and relaxing space at my home where I hold classes. Drinks and snacks (including home baked cakes!) are provided. Private classes are held either via Zoom, or in the comfort of your own home, so no need to even leave your sofa!

What is the difference between taking a Course and reading a Hypnobirthing Book?

Well, the stats say that we retain 10% of the information we learn through reading, and 75% through practice. Attending a course will therefore enable you to get the most from all of the information and techniques you'll be learning, as you will be practicing during and in between the sessions. Our courses are interactive and give you the opportunity to practice, explore and ask questions as you go along.

What is the investment?

Investing in your birth preparation will hugely help you to have a positive birth experience. Why is this worth your time and money? Because your birth experience will stay with you forever, and the benefits of having a positive experience extend far beyond the birth itself - they also shape your transition into motherhood, the postnatal period, bonding, feeding and so on. Parents I teach are always so glad they have worked with me - which I am so thrilled about! The knowledge, support and techniques I will equip you with really do make a huge difference. Head on over to the read some recent reviews if you would like to hear what others have made of the course. Prices for the different course options are listed throughout the site.

What happens in a Refresher Session?

Refresher Sessions are for Mums to take when they are 36+ weeks pregnant and on Maternity Leave. Either on Zoom on in person, mums will have this bonus session to refresh the techniques and I can answer any questions on the topics of your choice from the course. The aim of this session is to ensure Mum is feeling totally confident as she enters the last weeks of pregnancy. It is also a brilliant way to enjoy some pregnancy relaxation! Refresher Sessions are held in person at my home, via Zoom or if you cannot make one, you will be sent a link to watch a pre-recorded session.

What if my partner is reluctant to join a course / sceptical?

It is totally understandable that your partner maybe unsure or sceptical about attending a course - after all the word Hypnobirthing does sound pretty "woo"! The reality of the course is always a bit different to expectations - in a positive way - as the course is practical, down to earth and logical. I place a big emphasis on the role of the birth partners, as a calm, confident and knowledgeable birth partner can make ALL the difference to your birthing experience. Partners are left with a really clear understanding of their role and how to support their partner during pregnancy, labour and birth. Here's what some previously sceptical birth partners have had to say about the course: "The best review I can give is that I was sceptical, and now I think this course should be compulsory for all parents." Doron, Head of Operations & First Time Dad "Elise was such a fantastic hypnobirthing coach. I was very sceptical at first but my wife was keen and after the first lesson I was sold. She was a very calm, clear and knowledgeable teacher and I learnt so much and it put me in a great position to help my wife through labour. I’d definitely recommend Elise!"
Duran, Lawyer & First Time Dad