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What Parents Say...


Lawyer & First Time Mum


I had always assumed that I would need an epidural during labour and that I would want the labour environment and process to be as medicalised as possible. Your course completely changed my mindset. It gave me confidence that our bodies and babies know how to work through labour by themselves, and that breathing and relaxation techniques - and keeping the labour environment as calm and comfortable as possible with my husband/birth partner - was in fact the best way for me to avoid panic and navigate my way through the birth. If medical intervention was needed, I was comfortable with that also. I genuinely was not scared about the birth experience and felt excited for it! 


The techniques I learnt on the course proved to be invaluable. They got me through, in particular, the early stage of my labour, which lasted for 2 days at home before I was finally admitted. They enabled me and my husband to evaluate situations as the labour progressed and make the right choices. We were also able to communicate more effectively with the midwives and ensure that they could maintain the calm and peaceful environment we wanted. 


We had a lot of luck on our side (for example, the only room on the labour ward with a birthing pool was available for us to use and our baby was in a good position throughout the labour).  However, we would not have had the positive, amazing and thank goodness relatively straightforward birth experience we did without your course. 


Having always wanted an epidural, the birthing pool turned out to be my only form of pain relief. By the time I was offered even gas and air, the labour was already well advanced and I felt that I didn’t need it. I had been coping for so long without it and I didn’t want to interrupt the job my body was already doing. I could never have imagined that I would have approached the situation in this way.


I can’t recommend you or your course enough. Thank you!! And thank you to you for being such a calming, positive and reassuring influence, as well as a really amazing teacher, in the build up!!


Digital Strategy & First Time Dad


Elise was a fantastic resource, guide and mentor throughout the program. She has a calm and empowering approach and demeanour, with obvious expertise. The course was far more practical and less "California" than expected, which was good!


I now feel very informed and capable of helping my wife when she is in labour.

Elise is clearly ultra-informed but still flexible and approachable, all the while still coming across as a relaxing and empowering coach in the process.

Recommend x 1000! 


Business Director & First Time Dad


I came to this course with a tunnel vision view on how the process of giving birth "should" be. On reflection and after this course, I have realised that you need to adapt your mindset and be open to learning about the process and how birth works. I know this course will give me the tools to be a positive influence to my wife during this amazing time. I found the course and the content great, and the way it was presented made learning easy. 


Model & First Time Mum


Elise you are amazing at what you do. I am so glad I dragged my husband along as he was quite skeptical in the beginning and now that we have completed the course, he is the one encouraging me to practice my breathing, relaxation and affirmations. The relaxation techniques and the toolkit is fantastic and I also feel that I fully understand the mechanics and stages of labour now. You have helped give us the tools to be confident and trust that we will have a calm and positive birth experience. 


Strategy Director & First Time Mum


The Birth Bubble hypnobirthing course was one of the most educational, inspirational couple of days I have spent. Elise has made me feel confident, calm and actually really excited about giving birth. I also feel like my birth partner and I are doing this together as he really understands everything that will be happening too! I learnt so much in such a short space of time and I can't believe how much more in control I feel! Thank you so much! 


First Time Mum


I feel informed and prepared for the birth of my baby. I came to the sessions very scared of birth and have come away feeling positive and with a toolbox of coping strategies. It has also helped my partner and I to have honest conversations at home and I feel I can trust my partner to be a great support having done the course as he now understands birth too. Elise gives you all the tools along with a very honest and true representation of birth. I will recommend this course to all expectant mothers and birth partners - thank you!


HR & First Time Mum


This course is the most amazing combination of useful information about birth and practical techniques. I loved that the course felt very personalised, even in a group setting. Lots of information is given but in a very structured way, and the course setting is so relaxed which enables everyone to ask questions at any time, and which Elise addressed extremely well. I now feel excited about birth - I am genuinely not worried about it at all! I feel I have all the knowledge I could possibly need before giving birth which will enable me to have a positive experience, no matter what happens.  


Mortgage Advisor & First Time Mum


Elise is fantastic, her knowledge is outstanding and her presence is very calming. Elise is also very interactive and engages with everyone in the group.  


The Birth Bubble course is well-thought out, presented and delivered. Elise completely put my mind at ease with respect to the upcoming birth of my baby boy and answered all my questions. Rather than feeling anxious, I am excited now and looking forward to the birth experience.


The course was far more scientific than expected and has given me a really good understanding of the mechanics of my body. I love the affirmations for birth, the MP3s and I also found the section on induction of labour very helpful.


Thank you for your support - I would recommend you to anyone, and very highly, too!  


Ex-Army, First Time Dad


This course is really friendly, educational and helpful.


In just 9 hours I feel so much more informed, in control and positive as a birth partner. The whole course is a very good mix of teaching and interactive games to make a nervous father-to-be relax. Elise presents the data in a very clear and accessible way which builds confidence .I am very glad your are also our Doula, Elise and I could not recommend you more!


Property & First Time Dad


As someone who hasn't had any experience or been close to someone giving birth, this course has given me so much info on the process and what to expect in language that was clear and not confusing. Everything now feels so much more natural and has given us both a lot more confidence that we know what to anticipate. I now have a very clear idea of how I will be an active and useful help to my wife during our baby's birth thanks in particular due to the session on the role of the birth partner at all stages of labour. I found the course content, delivery and materials all excellent and am already recommending this course to friends!


Demand Planning Manager & First Time Dad


The course was very well put together and excellently taught. It was super engaging and fun. For me personally, it has opened my eyes to the ideas and techniques of hypnobirthing. I feel I now have all the information and tools I need to help my partner during the birth. Thanks Elise! 


Marketing Manager & First Time Mum


I really enjoyed the course and feel so much more ready, knowledgeable, empowered and even excited to give birth now! The course delivered everything I was looking for plus more.


I understand the whole process of labour now and know that I have the tools to best manage on the day.


Elise taught in a super friendly, relatable and easy to understand way. Thank you!! 


Sports Massage Therapist & First Time Mum


I was feeling very scared of birth due to a previous negative experience of gynae surgery which left me with chronic pain and a deep distrust of doctors. This course has left me feeling more confident in going through labour and asserting myself when in hospital and I feel that whatever happens on the day, it will be a positive experience. Elise is wonderfully clear, helpful and relaxing. All the information is backed by science which I also particularly liked. 


Marketing Manager & Second Time Mum


Thank you, Elise, for such a fantastic course. I feel completely different going into my second labour with lots of practical tools to get me through whatever my labour will be. The course was much more practical than I expected and I now feel excited and really prepared for my upcoming second birth. 



Paediatrician & Second Time Dad


I really enjoyed the course having been quite apprehensive beforehand. I learnt things I wasn't expecting to learn and felt engaged and inspired. Elise is warm and friendly and creates a positive atmosphere that had us all raring to go off and have great birth experiences! I will recommend this course to friends expecting, whether first time or repeat! 


Fashion PR & First Time Mum


Elise is an absolutely fantastic teacher - so patient and knowledgeable making me and my husband feel at total ease. No question was too small or stupid and I can now look forward to a positive birth experience equipped with all the necessary tools and knowledge. I couldn't recommend this course enough and I am so pleased I took it ahead of my first baby's birth. 


Finance & First Time Dad


A fantastic insight into birth / breathing / science / hospital info. The course gives you the confidence and knowledge + a real understanding of what to expect. Can only think of upsides to this course for first time Dads like me! I feel more confident and ready than I could ever have imagined. I am now a total hypnobirthing convert - I feel confident, ready and equipped!!


TV Series Producer & First Time Dad


A really fantastic and informative course that has left us feeling very positive about our birth. Loads of great tips and info for birthing partners to which was unexpected and a huge bonus. Elise is extremely knowledgeable and a brilliant teacher with a lovely friendly manner, meaning we felt comfortable and well guided throughout. Overall a must do course for any expectant parent – the benefits start to work instantly and you will learn so much. Thank you so much once again, Elise!


NHS Senior Manager & First Time Mum


Thank you so much Elise. The course today was excellent and I now feel well informed,

confident and prepared to have my first baby having been on your course.


It was the perfect blend of mindfulness, practical tools as well as science. I was surprised it covered everything, but it did!


I feel calm, relaxed and very positive...will be recommending to all. Thank you!


Lawyer & First Time Mum


My husband and I both thoroughly enjoyed Elise's hypnobirthing course! After pretty much forcing my husband into taking the course, we are now both fully converted and feel ready (and excited) for labour knowing that we have a tool box of tricks up our sleeves and can tackle each and every hurdle that we face. The course is extremely practical and Elise is the best teacher taking so much time to answer every single question and always on hand to reassure you at any stage. We are so so happy that we were recommend Elise's course and are going into labour the most prepared that we could ever be!


Strategy Director & First time Mum


I cannot recommend this course enough. I have always been extremely anxious about my pregnancy and labour; Elise has totally changed my mindset! It is now something I feel extremely prepared and ready for…I am actually really excited for it!  The course gives you the understanding of what is happening to your body, not just the tools to handle it, so it leaves you feeling extremely empowered and in control. Elise makes you feel comfortable to ask any/every question. The tools I have learnt will help not just with birth but the rest of my pregnancy and all other anxieties life may throw at me. It was something both my husband and I looked forward to each week and I can't wait for my refresher session already! 


Lawyer & First Time Mum


I have always been terrified of giving birth. I genuinely feared that I wouldn’t be able to get through the experience and the thought of going into labour made me really panicky. 


The very best part of your hypnobirthing course for me, was that it completely removed those concerns, which is something I didn’t think was possible! Learning about the mechanics of labour and understanding what my body was going to be doing made me feel really prepared and capable. By the end of the course, I felt excited about labour and couldn’t wait for it all to begin!


I know some people are really keen on water birth / drug free etc. however I knew I always wanted an epidural and I was able to use all the techniques alongside a more medicalised birth - which shows that regardless of the type of birth you want, there’s still always so much that you can get out of your course. For me, I really needed to work on the anxiety about giving birth and honestly felt really calm and excited when I went into labour!

Normally I would rush to hospital at the first twinge of anything, but I actually felt my first contraction at 11am and just chilled most of the day. I made phone calls, watched tv, used the relaxation techniques and tried to ignore the fact I was in labour (as you had advised!) for most of the day! When my husband got home, he ran me a bath, we had dinner etc and didn’t go to the hospital until 10pm, which I didn’t think I’d be able to do, because normally I’d be in such a panic! So even if you are planning on having an epidural like I was, do this course - Elise will show you how to use hypnobirthing and an epidural together, and will give you so many techniques to feel calm about the process, which will help you to cope really well in early labour until you get the epidural.  Thanks again, Elise! 


Real Estate Sales & Second-Time Dad


Quite simply a mind blowing experience! It's easy as an impending father to make the assumption that your role during the birth of your child is fairly restricted but in reality that could not be further from the truth! Elise's course gives you all the knowledge, skill set and techniques that will enable you to be the best birth partner possible. Elise talks you through the entire labor and birth process in significant and brilliant detail, Which was personally a big eye opener for me! I think most people get put off by the word hypno, and correlate it to hypnotherapy. That word instantly triggers an image in my head of a person dangling a watch in-front of my eyes and programming my brain to do something that I don't necessarily want it to. Elise has no watch or magic powers! Instead she fills your head with an incredible amount of beneficial information and relaxing techniques that at one point you previously disregarded, but now you will use it everyday for the rest of your life! Her course put's everything into prospective in the most positive way and I could not recommend it enough, especially to Dad's, it's probably more beneficial for us! Thank you Elise!




A very insightful and interesting course. The tools techniques and knowledge have made me feel significantly less apprehensive and worried and much more confident and positive about what is to come and how I can support my wife at each stage of labour. We're feeling positive and confident now. 




Every pregnant woman should be equipped with the knowledge and tools gained from hypnobirthing. I feel much more prepared for my birth. Elise is fantastic and so knowledgeable and it was great to share this experience with other mums at a similar stage in pregnancy. I now feel excited, more prepared and aware of my choices. 




The best review I can give is that I was sceptical before and now I think this course should be compulsory for both birthing partners! The course is not at all "hippy", as I thought it may be and is really practical. Elise answered all my questions and has made me feel confident and at ease.




I really enjoyed the course and feel we both learned a lot and are now really prepared for the birth of our baby. Elise is great at explaining the process of birth, the options available and how to prepare and implement the hypnobirthing techniques. The course covered the physical and medical sides of giving birth too which I find very interesting and useful. 



APRIL 2019

I’m very excited to say I just had a little girl! Labour was a truly positive experience thanks to your hypnobirthing course! I used all the breathing techniques and stayed at home until I reached 6cm. No epidural, and a good speedy birth. The gas and air was no way as good as the 4 counts in and 8 out, visualising at the same time. Reframing pain into pressure really helped too. I definitely felt much more prepared and less apprehensive about labour than with my son. Thank you so much Elise!




Elise was such a fantastic hypnobirthing coach.  I was very sceptical at first but my wife was keen and after the first lesson I was sold.  She was a very calm, clear and knowledgeable teacher and I learnt so much and it put me in a great position to help my wife through labour. I’d definitely recommend Elise!



APRIL 2019

I didn't know much about hypnobirthing before beginning the course.  Within minutes Elise had provided such a brilliant explanation of the theory and purpose that I wondered why it is not compulsory for all expecting parents! Elise is a fantastic teacher, combining science, common sense, reassurance and practical tips. As a father-to-be the course was particularly helpful, both in terms of explaining what to expect before and during birth as well as allowing me to feel an integral part of the whole process. I would strongly recommend Elise to anyone.




Elise is absolutely one of a kind and I can not recommend her services enough!! Every ounce of her exudes confidence and passion towards birth being a more positive and empowering experience. Without the abundance of knowledge she shared with me leading up to my Son’s birth, I would not have been able to get through the lead up to birth, the birth itself and the weeks afterwards so well! If you are lucky enough to attend one of Elise’s courses, you absolutely will not regret it!!




Elise was absolutely fantastic. I had so many concerns and anxieties about giving birth and she really did have an answer for them all! She was so friendly and approachable which made me feel at ease to share my concerns/thoughts on birth without feeling like I was being judged or going crazy! My husband also thoroughly benefited from the session. She provided us with useful and practical strategies that we can use during the birthing process as well as breathing and relaxation techniques to help remain calm throughout. The course was extremely informative as well as the information packs she left with us.

I would highly recommend Elise to anyone that has anxieties about giving birth and wants a more positive mind set or reassurance. I began the course feeling petrified to give birth and ended with feelings of excitement. She will definitely put you at ease!




My husband and I were feeling very anxious about birth mainly because we felt we hadn’t learnt much at our NCT classes and we lacked confidence and knowledge. I was sceptical about hypnobirthing at first as I never felt I had been able to relax in yoga classes (and sometimes even massages) but wanted to give it a go as had heard it worked wonders in birth. Elise helped us break down birth and preparing for the baby’s arrival into manageable bite-size chunks and together, we worked through our concerns and practised techniques to help us be the best prepared we can be for different eventualities. Elise’s calm and non-judgemental approach was just what we needed to steer us back on track and help us prepare for the arrival of our baby boy. She is a font of knowledge and no question (I really mean this) is off the cards!



APRIL 2019

Wow. I have just had my hypnobirthing session taught by Elise at Birth Bubble and I am really blown away. She had clearly worked hard tailoring the session to my needs and also prepared follow-up notes that allowed my husband and I to reflect on all our options for our imminent Planned C-Section. Elise took us through the whole process of what will happen in my Planned C-Section, and was really clear in making the terminology and language positive, calming and helped us to completely reframe the C-Section as something that we can really look forward to.

I think Elise’s greatest skill is she really makes the idea of birthing (however you do it) a really lovely experience, she listens to your needs and helps to reframe your thoughts and fears. I also loved that she was able to give me really helpful pointers to practice at home. She has a lot of knowledge which is backed up with science, studies and facts. She really encouraged me to know what choices we have and actually brought me and my husband closer together as a result as it allowed us to have a conversation about what we both really want out of the birthing experience, which made me feel not only empowered but also really supported. Thank you Elise, I cannot wait for our next session and will recommend you to EVERYONE I meet who is pregnant.



MAY 2019

If you have any anxiety at all about giving birth (I think this applies to most women given the negativity surrounding it these days) Elise’s hypobirthing course is a must. She is so knowledgable on absolutely everything you need to know and will teach you and your partner an array of amazing techniques and tips. I can guarantee you will come out the other end feeling more positive, relaxed and chilled about what is to come - highly recommend to all pregnant ladies out there! It’s also really helped changed my husband’s mindset - he’s being extra supportive and positive, so thank you!



MARCH 2019

I have just finished my last Birth Bubble hypnobirthing session and cannot recommend it enough. My whole mindset has changed about giving birth, making me feel more calm and prepared. I have so many techniques to take with me into labour which has given me confidence. Elise was so professional and knowledgeable and created a very safe environment to ask questions. It was a great opportunity to meet other people and Elise also provided us with a book, course handbook, a couple of very thoughtful gifts and delicious home baking!



september 2019

My husband and I completed a private hypnobirthing course with Elise recently and it was absolutely brilliant.
Elise was a great teacher and made everything feel so natural and easy.
The course content was really interesting and so much more than I had initially realised. It is definitely worth taking the time to do.
Thank you so much Elise for putting my mind at ease, and equipping me with the tools to have a calm, happy birth.




Thank you so much for the Hypnobirthing Essentials course - I found it so useful and it has made me feel so much more calm and in control as I enter the last few weeks of my pregnancy. I've been practicing the relaxations daily - I love them and wish I had all the techniques you taught me the first time around! Really thank you so much! 

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