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Private (One-to-One) 
Hypnobirthing & Birth Preparation Courses

How Does it Work?


You will receive a complete and tailored hypnobirthing and birth preparation course, delivered in a bespoke format to suit you and your partner.


During our sessions together, we will cover you particular needs, fears and worries in detail. Elise will draw upon her years of experience as a birth educator and doula to equip you with the practical tools, information and mindset techniques appropriate to you, to help you to get to a place where you are feeling really well supported, prepared, calm and confident as your baby's birth nears.

This private hypnobirthing antenatal course is available both in person for London-based clients (either in your home if you are based in North London, or from Elise's clinic at The Portland in Central London), and via remote learning (or a combination of both!)

What's Included?

The Complete Private Hypnobirthing & Birth Preparation Course 

  • This 6 hour course can be taken during 1 full day, or over shorter half day or evening sessions (normally in a combination of in person & on Zoom if opting for shorter sessions).

  • If you are not based in London, this Private Course is available via 3 x 2 hour Zoom Video Calls

  • As you are opting for a private course, the course content will be completely tailored to you, your partner and your needs. 

  • You will receive detailed email follow up from each session and tailored guidance on how to prepare for your baby's birth 

  • You will also have access to all the Birth Bubble Masterclass Videos 

  • This is a full hypnobirthing course which will fully prepare you and your birth partner for all types of birth, ensuring you have the tools to feel calm and confident during your pregnancy and your baby's birth. 

Course Materials

  • The Birth Bubble Course Companion & all handouts (hard copies) are included alongside;

  • Bespoke Essential Oil blends for pregnancy & labour 

  • 5 x MP3 hypnobirthing audio tracks

  • Checklists, templates and additional handouts (including our Ultimate Guide to Packing your Birth Bags and How to Write your Birth Preferences)


How do I book?

To book this package, simply fill out the contact form here to let Elise know your Estimated Due Date and your preference for in person or Zoom sessions.


£700 (In Person Private Course - in your home or at The Portland)



£625 (1 x 3 hour In Person Session + 2 x 90' Private Zoom Sessions. This fee also applies if you choose for your course to run over 4 x 90' Private Zoom Sessions)


Birth Bubble | Hypnobirthing | North London

This course is the most amazing combination of useful information about birth and practical techniques. I loved that the course felt very personalised, even in a group setting. Lots of information is given but in a very structured way, and the course setting is so relaxed which enables everyone to ask questions at any time, and which Elise addressed extremely well. I now feel excited about birth - I am genuinely not worried about it at all!


I feel I have all the knowledge I could possibly need before giving birth which will enable me to have a positive experience, no matter what happens.  

Sasha - First time Mum
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